We know a lot about finance and feel that it is something which is really important to pass on to other people. We realise that by putting information on this website we would be able to pass on some of that information to others. We feel that many people back away form finance and that that it is complicated or dull. We have therefore decided to make sure that we do not do this on our site. We have tried to make the information simple to understand as we think it is unfair when things are complicated. We have also tried to cover topics that we feel will appeal to lots of people, things that effect most people either all the time or from time to time. Then we have put it together in a way that we hope that will be interesting to people. We hope that we can get the message across that everyone can be in control of their money. We hope that by getting a better understanding of money and decision making with regards to money, it will help people to be able to grow in confidence and understand what thought processes they should go through when they are choosing products and making financial decisions so they feel in control.