Historic Environment Record

The Historic Environment Record (HER) is a public service available to anyone researching the history and archaeology of Northamptonshire. It is the main source of information on archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscapes, and is used to help formulate conservation and planning advice for the county.

The HER includes over 80,000 monuments on the database, and new information is being added all the time.

The HER also holds up-to-date information about sites, buildings and landscapes that have been recognised as being of national or regional importance. The information held includes listed buildings, scheduled monuments, registered parks and gardens,registered battlefields, and conservation areas. As well as the computerised database, there is also a small library held at the Record Office.

Access to the HER is free to members of the public, and there is a dedicated computer at the Record Office for public use. There is a charge if customers require assistance (other than a general introduction) or for commercial enquiries.